15 Former Celeb Couples Who Are #DivorceGoals

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber at a Golden Globes party
Image Press/Splash News

Hollywood may portray happily ever after on-screen, but that doesn't mean celebrities' romances play out quite as simply off-camera. The entertainment industry as a whole is notorious for a "turn 'em and burn 'em" approach to relationships, with even some of the most beloved couples calling it quits. But not all divorce has to be ugly. 


Believe it or not, famous couples who parted amicably -- and remain friendly -- exist. Sure, some are forced to continually extend an olive branch for the sake of their shared children, but others still show a true and loving appreciation for one another and the time they spent together. 

Still skeptical? Take a look at these A-listers who are #divorcegoals. 

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