There May Be a Major Division in the Duggar Family Over Religion

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar

We have to wonder if Jim Bob Duggar regrets giving his consent for his daughters to get married now. Rumor has it that JB is deeply concerned for Jessa and Jinger, as their husbands may hold different religious views than the fundamentalist Duggars.


According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Vuolo and Ben Seewald are Calvinists and believe in predestination, or the belief that God only chooses certain people to be saved by Jesus's forgiveness -- and that contradicts Jim Bob's belief that salvation is available to all who seek the grace of God.

Most families would agree to disagree, but a source told the site, "He's allowed a division in the family to occur. He knows it's not a true doctrine."

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You'd think that JB would have checked that out long before he allowed Jinger to marry Jeremy, as he's a pastor who has long preached Calvinist beliefs to his congregation. You can even listen to many of his sermons online, if you're so inclined. But then again, JB couldn't have predicted that his daughter would break ranks with her upbringing so much that she would wear pants and sleeveless blouses in public.

Ben apparently has kept mostly quiet about his differing religious views from his father-in-law, but has become emboldened ever since Jer joined the family last November by marrying Jinger. The insider told the Hollywood Gossip, "Ben's very quiet, reserved, but he's a Calvinist."

The reason we haven't seen any of the contention on Counting On is reportedly because "the things you see when the cameras aren't rolling aren't necessarily so when the cameras are off." Appearances are everything in Duggar Land, evidently.

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Anyway, the insider is insistent that JB will win out over Jeremy and Ben over time, and keep them in line. After all, residents in Tonitown, Arkansas, have taken to calling Jim Bob's part of town "Duggarville."

"You really have to be around these people to understand how cultish they really are," the source explained. "Everything is controlled by Jim Bob, all the money in that place is controlled by Jim Bob. Jim Bob does what Jim Bob wants to do ... Sometimes, people who have a little bit of clout just do whatever they want."

We think if Jim Bob is going to worry about any of his adult children, it should be Josh. Just saying. 

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