Love Is Officially Dead: Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Are Splitting

Danny Moloshok / Reuters / Splash

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
Danny Moloshok / Reuters / Splash

If you woke up praying to the high heavens that news of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separating after eight years of marriage was just a bad dream -- or some horrible April Fools prank someone tried to pull in August -- we're so sad to tell you it is in fact real. This funny couple looks to be consciously uncoupling after reportedly spending some time trying to make things work.

  • Anna and Chris both took to social media to share the heartbreaking news in a joint statement, admitting they "tried hard for a long time."

    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
    Photo Image Press / Splash News
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  • This appeared on Faris's Instagram late Sunday night...

  • ... followed by Pratt's almost-mirrored tweet and Facebook message.

  • And, of course, we're completely and utterly heartbroken about this split.

    People alleges Anna Faris reportedly felt uneasy about Chris being away filming movies.

    "I take pride in how great my relationship is with Chris, but having said that, of course in this crazy world where he's off doing movies and I'm in LA raising our child, of course I'm going to feel vulnerable, like any normal human would," Faris once admitted during her Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast, People reports.

  • The once Faris-Pratt clan are proud parents to their almost 5-year-old son Jack, whom they'll co-parent.

    Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, and their son Jack
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News
  • Yeah ... we're gonna need a minute to soak this in. Chris and Anna's split is a major blow.

    Channing and Jenna, we haven't seen y'all in each other's photos for a minute and got y'all on our prayer list -- just in case!

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