Kim Kardashian Gets Photobombed by Kanye West -- It's Priceless

kim and kanye
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Bombed! Kim Kardashian may have perfected the art of taking selfies, but even she doesn't get the timing right sometimes. On Thursday, when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was attempting to take a snap with North West's new dog Sushi, Kanye photobombed the shot. And actually, we have to say: We're feeling this version. 


Kim wound up posting the photo with Kanye, saying, "When you're trying to take a picture with Sushi but you're photobombed by your hubby."

kim kardashian dog

Ha! Can't fault the man for turning a corner in his own house. (Also, how cute is Sushi?!)

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A few months ago, Kim and Kourtney got their daughters "sister" puppies for their birthdays. Since Sushi has became part of the Kardashian-West clan, she's been featured quite a bit on Kim's Instagram. Though, we must say: The one featuring Kanye could be our favorite to date. 

kim kardashian dog sushi

kim kardashian puppy

kim kardashian dogs

Next up: a selfie with Kanye and Sushi? Yes, please. 

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