Derick Dillard Called Out for Attacking Teen Trans Girl on Social Media

Derick Dillard

Just when we thought at least one member of the Duggar family was coming out in favor of LGBT rights ... In the same week that Derick Dillard showed support for homosexual rights, he also trashed a 16-year-old trans girl on social media.


Yup, for some reason, Derick felt the need to go after a teenager, and claim her existence is a "myth." He commented on promo from TLC for the show I Am Jazz, which follows the life of a teenage trans girl. He called it an "oxymoron" of a reality show, since apparently transgender people don't exist in reality. Or something.

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Derick Dillard Twitter

When a fan questioned why he would bash a teenager on social media for his own religious ideology, he deliberately mis-gendered her.

Derick Dillard Twitter

Earlier this week, fans were astonished when Dillard "liked" a tweet from a well-known gay Republican saying that no one should ever be fired for being gay, or for being a Christian. While most people can generally agree with that statement, it takes a lot for a member of the Duggar family to support the LGBT community even a tiny bit.

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But then Derick had to go and show his true colors and bash not only a teenager, but the very network that hosts his own show. The irony was not lost on fans either, who pointed out that if he were so upset about I Am Jazz, he is welcome to pull his family off the network.

We won't hold our breaths.

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