Duggar Family Member Breaks Rank to Support LGBT Rights

Derick Dillard and israel

It's no secret that the Duggars haven't been at the forefront of LGBT rights. In fact, the fundamentalist Christian family has been raked over the coals time and time again for preaching against homosexuality. So what does it say when one of their family members goes out on a limb for gay rights?


Derick Dillard is married to Jill Duggar, and serves as a missionary in El Salvador (when he and Jill aren't back home in Arkansas for pregnancy and childbirth). So it was surprising when he expressed some acceptance for the LGBT community, and possibly even defended them.

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Openly gay Republican Richard Grenell tweeted that no one should be discriminated against in the workplace for being gay or for being Christian, and Dillard favorited the tweet, a clear social media endorsement.


It's entirely possible that Derick was only reacting to the "Christian" part of that tweet, although unlikely. It pretty clearly says gay, and Grenell is well-known for being gay in a political party that gets a bad rap for being anti-inclusive.

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It's more likely that Derick really does believe people shouldn't be fired for being gay. What's more surprising is that he chose to voice his opinion on the matter when the typical MO for Jim Bob Duggar and family is to generally ignore the matter except to freak out about transgender bathrooms.

But hey, we have to give mad props to Derick for this sentiment, because it's absolutely true. No one should be fired for being gay. This is at least one belief we can get behind.

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