James Van Der Beek Shamelessly Shades Katie Holmes's Marriage to Tom Cruise

James Van Der Beek Katie Holmes Tom Cruise
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Those of us who grew up watching Dawson's Creek truly couldn't believe our eyes when, in 2005, Joey Potter -- err, Katie Holmes -- started running around the globe with Tom Cruise. What followed seemed to be one of the most bizarro Hollywood relationships of all time, during which Holmes looked anything but happy and peaceful. Turns out, her former costar James Van Der Beek was in the same boat as the rest of us. The actor was peppered with Creek Qs by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this week, and when asked about Holmes's marriage, Van Der Beek's response was priceless.


"Are you surprised that Katie Holmes ended up marrying Tom Cruise?" Cohen asked Van Der Beek. 

Hit up the 1:15 mark to see the 40-year-old actor's hilariously all-too-real reaction.

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Talk about throwing shade. Okay, sure, all he said was "Yes." But you can tell it took a moment to think and answer succinctly, with the utmost care. He clearly has a lot of feels around that Q! 

Just judging from the gossip mill coverage of the Holmes-Cruise union, there seemed to be many strange factors going on there -- maybe related to Scientology, a contract between the couple, or who the heck knows what else. Wouldn't be surprised if Tom had Katie's friends and family sign nondisclosure agreements! 

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No matter what really went down back then, Katie officially filed for divorce from the Risky Business star in 2012. Ever since, Suri's mama has seemed about a thousand times happier, more chill, and more like the star we all wanted to be BFFs with in high school. And that is actually not surprising at all.

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