Drake Can Retire Now, 'Cause His Daddy's Music Video Is Pure Fire

Drake with his dad Dennis Graham

Drake is without a doubt one of the hottest musicians blazing the charts right now, but he might want to step aside and enjoy life as "Aubrey Graham" (his IRL name) to make room for another relative with musical talent. Drake's daddy has blessed the world with a song, and the accompanying music video is the smoothest thing you will see today.

  • Dennis Graham's song "Kinda Crazy" perfectly sums up how we feel about Drake's dad and his incredible music video.

    To say we have Isley Brothers and Charlie Wilson feels would be an understatement.

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  • Pops is playing no games, as his music video has a smoke machine, a solo dancer, and a decked-out throne that would make the Queen herself jealous.

    Extra credit if you spotted Dennis rocking Drake's OVO owl necklace.

  • Even his threads -- from his Steve Harvey suit to his kufi hat *and* do-rag -- have us in awe of Drake's dad and that classic church usher two-step.

  • Now we see where Drake got his moves for "Hotline Bling." It all makes sense!

  • Though Drizzy has yet to comment about his dad's music video, the Internet has spoken, and is SO HERE FOR IT.

    "This the most playa sh*t ever," one YouTube commenter wrote in response to "Kinda Crazy."

    "Why is this so f*cking good?" questions another.

  • The streets are talking, and some people think the OG (original Graham) could steal Drake's shine.

    No worries, Drake. Just call up Lil Wayne for a hit.

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  • And if you think Drake's daddy is trying to ride on his coattails, think again. Dennis has been a musician since *before* Drake was even a thought.

    Not only did Dennis teach himself how to play multiple instruments, but he was also once a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis.

    So yeah, Daddy is a G.

  • Watching Drake's dad do his thing has us excited to see how his famous son will evolve over the years.

  • You can check out Dennis Graham's video for "Kinda Crazy" here:

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