Kim Kardashian Doesn't Even Bother Trying to Hide Her Nipples Anymore

Kim Kardashian
Splash News

She's not even pretending to cover up anymore. Kim Kardashian stepped out for dinner this week in a completely sheer top, putting her nipples on full display for a bevy of paparazzi photogs.


The mom of two wore the sheer black top while leaving a clothing store in New York City on Tuesday. She paired it with camo pants and sunglasses, but honestly, we can't stop staring at her chest.

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She later wore it to dinner at Cipriani with her friend Simon Huck, where we're sure she didn't garner any attention from the other diners.

Kim Kardashian see through shirt
Splash News

In July, Kim donned what could only be described as a Saran Wrap–chic dress with nude-colored panties and a coat that barely covered her nips. We imagine a lot of double-sided tape was employed for the look.

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It seems like she isn't even trying to keep her ladies covered anymore though ... we wonder how long it will be until she goes full nudist.

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