Kate Middleton Might Not Have a 3rd Baby Thanks to Meghan Markle

kate middleton
Zak Hussein/Splash News

It's no secret that Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to love being parents. So, naturally, most royalphiles have been wondering lately when the duke and duchess will announce pregnancy number three. (Kate has supposedly mentioned on numerous occasions that she wants a big family, and Charlotte is already 2 -- what's the holdup?) More likely than not, it won't be long until the royal couple expands their family, but according to a report, Kate doesn't want to get pregnant right now because of Meghan Markle

As most people know, it's all about Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle lately. Speculation about when they're going to get engaged has reached an all-time high and some think Harry is going to pop the question before summer's end. This -- so sources apparently say -- is exactly why Kate wants to hold off when it comes to another baby. She, apparently, doesn't want to compete with Meghan for attention. 
Umm ... okay. 
Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that despite how much the duchess cherishes her privacy, she "no doubt loves all the attention she gets whenever she's pregnant."
"If there's one thing that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't want to do," the site says, "it's compete with Meghan Markle for media attention and headlines."
Okay, this is a little hard to believe. 
While a Meghan-Harry engagement would no doubt get tons of media attention, would it really get more attention than Kate's third pregnancy? Hard to believe. She is the future queen after all. Also, let's be real here, it's hard to imagine Kate caring how much press coverage she gets during her pregnancy -- especially when she has notoriously bad morning sickness. 
If William and Kate are in fact going to expand their family, they're going to do it when they're ready, not when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready. Come on, now, people. Kate doesn't play those silly little peasant games. 
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