Kathy Griffin Shaves Head to Support Sister's Cancer Battle & the Internet Thinks It's Just a Publicity Stunt

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Kathy Griffin
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Though some time has passed since Kathy Griffin caught heat for her "comedic" stunt involving a fake severed Donald Trump head, the 56-year-old comedienne is making headlines once again -- but for a pretty sweet reason. Kathy Griffin recently shaved her head in honor of her sister battling cancer. And, of course, people think it's just another publicity stunt.

  • Writer Yashar Ali shared photos on Twitter of Kathy's new look that has people taking pause.

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  • Kathy, who lost her brother Gary in 2014 to stage 4 esophageal cancer, is dedicated to sister Joyce's fight and stands with her in solidarity.

  • "My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being," mom Maggie Griffin tweeted.

    The 97-year-old self-professed "reality superstar" -- who's playfully shocked to see daughter Kathy's new 'do in one of the photos -- retweeted Yashar's post in support of her funny girl.

  • Many people have had a kind and encouraging reaction to Kathy's new look -- and the significance behind it ...

  • ... including a hardcore Trump supporter.

  • Hooray for people putting their differences aside to stand together!

  • But then came others who took a sweet moment and turned it into something foul ... 'cause, obviously, Kathy shaved her head for press. (*Eye roll*)

  • Kathy Griffin may be a lot of things (habitual line-crosser, over the top) ... but we HIGHLY doubt she cares more about her image than her sister.

    Wishing your sister all the best, KG. 

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