Jill Duggar Shares Her First Post-Baby Selfie

jill derick israel dillard

Since the birth of her second son, Samuel, earlier this month, Jill (Duggar) Dillard has been suspiciously quiet on social media. But if you're worried about her, don't be. Over the weekend. Jill shared her first post-baby selfie, and it seems like this mama is doing just fine. 


In fact, it seems like despite the fact that she now has two little ones to wrangle at home, she and Derick are still managing to find time to spend together. In the pic, Jill and her hubby are sitting in the car, enjoying some Dominoes pizza, and they both couldn't look happier. 

jill and derick selfie

Okay, so it's a little weird that they're having a pizza date in the car, but let's be real -- when you've got a newborn, you have to take that alone time with your spouse whenever and wherever you can get it! Plus, it looks like they're having a blast, and isn't that what really counts?

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We're really relieved to see that Jill is doing well. Samuel's birth was definitely difficult for her, so it's good to see her happy and healthy. Although honestly, who wouldn't have a grin on their face while they're eating pizza? 

Here's hoping things keep getting better for this mom, and that this selfie is a sign of more Instagram updates to come. We can't wait 'til the time comes to finally meet baby Samuel on Counting On

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