Prince Harry Melts Our Hearts Coaching Little Kids on the Field

Prince Harry
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As if we needed yet another reason to adore this guy! Prince Harry showed off his "ready to be a dad" skills on the field this week when he stepped in to coach a group of youngsters playing handball.


Harry took part in a session of the Fit and Fed campaign in a London park on Friday. The program provides free sporting activities and lunch through summer break for kids who wouldn't otherwise have access to it.

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He'd been watching from the sidelines, but he stepped in to play some handball with the kiddos. He said he would've played some football (soccer for us Yanks) but didn't have the boots for it. We don't think the kids minded at all.

Prince Harry playing with kids
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One little boy, 6-year-old Kavya Patel, was especially smitten with the prince after Harry cheered him by picking him and roughhousing a bit. He had apparently burst into tears after being unable to get the ball, but it was Harry to the rescue!

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Prince Harry
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"Prince Harry loves to play," declared Kavya. He evidently enjoyed himself immensely with the special attention, and shared, "It was exciting. I was flying around, then I felt dizzy."

We're totally swooning over here. Engagement rumors have been running rampant between Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, and we can only hope that she wants kids too, because someday Harry is going to make an awesome dad.

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