Justin Bieber's Hot Pastor Will Inspire You to Believe

Justin Bieber with pastor Carl Lentz

In case you haven't noticed, Justin Bieber keeps making headlines. He canceled the remainder of his tour, is reportedly quite tired, and accidentally hit a photographer with his car. (Yeah, the Biebs has been busy.) As much as we're concerned and wish him nothing but the best ... it's been hard not to focus on Justin Bieber's HOT pastor, Carl Lentz, who's making the Internet give two claps of praise and shout "Hallelujah!!" before passing out from such a divine sight.

  • Lentz and the Biebs developed a bromance back in the '00s that's blossomed into quite the unexpected friendship.

    "I have a special role in Justin's life, spiritually, but ... I'm not a life-motivational guy," Lentz told the New York Post in a past interview. "We're talking about making sure his life remains a blessing, not a burden."

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  • And people have DEFINITELY noticed Justin's spiritual leader as of late, because ... how TF can you not?!

    Clearly Pastor Lentz works out, and clearly the Internet is here for alllll of it.
  • Help us, Father. We're not worthy of those Ken doll abs!

  • Lentz, the lead pastor at Hillsong Church in NYC, looks so down-to-earth and is helping to redefine how we see clergymen.

  • In addition to Jesus, the 32-year-old's squad includes rapper Lil Wayne ...

  • ... and the Oprah Winfrey herself.

  • Lentz believes God wants you to have amazing sex, and he isn't afraid to talk about healthy relationships with his daughters, either.

    "Sex should not be something that destroys your life and relationships should not be creating MORE baggage in our lives!" Lentz writes in his Instagram post about the Christian book Swipe Right: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance. "SEX IS GOOD. In its divine place. PEOPLE ARE GOOD. In their divine place ..."

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    We are ready to be saved. 

  • But if you think you're gonna roll up to his congregation and become the first lady of his church, think again. Carl is *very* married.

    In fact, Carl's wife, Laura Lentz, is also a pastor at Hillsong Church.

  • There, there ... we know.

  • Still, we're happy Biebs has a positive influence in his life who just might inspire us to find our own Pastor Lentz.

    ... you know, for prayer and laying hands.

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