Jim Bob Duggar Hints That Joy-Anna Is Already Expecting

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

Is there already a honeymoon baby on the way? In a recent interview, Jim Bob Duggar mused about the upcoming season of Counting On, and he made it sound like a big part of it will be covering Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth's yet-to-be-announced-or-acknowledged pregnancy.


Just a refresher: Joy and Austin were married just two months ago, and she's only 19. Of course we'll be thrilled for them whenever they decide to have kids, but it also might be nice to take a little time for themselves first.

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Anyway, according to OK! magazine, when JB was asked about what may be coming up on Counting On, he replied, "It's probably going to be Joseph and Kendra, maybe their relationship, maybe getting a little closer and then, who knows?"

He added, "Maybe Joy and Austin will have a little one on the way ... You never know what will happen." Joy interjected that it would be more likely that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo would be expecting, as they got married last November. It's actually the longest one of the Duggar kids has been married without announcing a pregnancy, it seems. "Maybe Jinger and Jeremy," Jim Bob corrected himself.

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That's when Michelle chimed in, "We've got more grandbabies on the way." Grandbabies as in multiple kiddos on the way? Anna Duggar is still currently pregnant, but it sounds more than likely that either Jinger or Joy-Anna are expecting as well.

Unless of course Jessa is already pregnant with her third after having Henry in February ... stranger things have happened.

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