16 Wax Figures That Look NOTHING Like the Real Deal

Kayla Boyd | Jul 27, 2017 Celebrities

michael jackson wax figure

You may not get the chance to meet your favorite celebrities, but you could always snap a pic with one of their wax look-alikes. Many of the most well-known celebrities have wax replicas on display at museums, especially one of Madame Tussauds' international locations. But, what if you went to take a picture with your favorite celebrity's wax figure and it didn't look like the celeb at all? 

Many celebrity wax figures are known for looking almost identical to the real person they're celebrating, but other times the wax figures fail ... they fail miserably. We're not saying that it's an easy task to precisely recreate, in wax no less, someone's exact features, but when that is the whole selling point of the wax museum, then you probably want to get it right. Some of these wax figures are straight up creepy, but it takes an extra special kind of fail to be hilarious (and many of these are). 

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We're sure there are plenty of bad ones out there, but we've rounded up some of the absolute worst. Here are 16 really terrible wax figures that look nothing like the real artists and icons they were designed to represent. Seriously, they're so bad you'll probably laugh. Michael Jackson and Queen Bey did NOT deserve this!