Khloe Kardashian's Abs Just Went From Flat to Even Flatter

khloe kardashian body suit and jeans
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Rock solid! On Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian posted a photo of her abs, and we (and even she!) have to say, they're definitely looking more rock hard than ever. Don't worry, though. All of Khloe's work is for a good cause: Taco Tuesday. 


In the photo, which is a little hazy and black and white, Khloe's abs look insane. Khloe's stomach always look pretty spectacular, but this is exceptional. 

"Taco Tuesday," Khloe posted alongside a couple of taco emojis. "I think I only workout so I can stuff my face for taco Tuesday! PS- I have no idea why my abs look so strong in this pic but I had to post so I don't feel so guilty about gorging tonight!!"

Whatever's happening here, Khloe, it's working. 

khloe kardashian abs

Khloe, you look awesome. Have all the tacos you want!

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Of course, there were the random trolls who felt the need to rain on Khloe's parade -- shocker. "Get over yourself! It's called a shadow and your black and white filter! With all the 'working out' you do you should have done 'real' abs! STOP fishing for compliments," one fan wrote while another said, "This is so obviously photoshopped." 

Khloe's probably real upset over the remarks, guys. Heartbroken. 

In the past few years, Khloe has completely transformed her body and she looks incredible. If she wants to post a selfie that shows off all her hard work, so be it. 

And more importantly, if she wants to stuff herself with tacos, have at it. 

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