Fans Are Worried About Jill Duggar's Health After Delivering Baby Samuel

Jill Duggar and Israel

Is something amiss in the Dillard family? Fans have begun to notice that Jill (Duggar) Dillard hasn't been her usual Instagram-happy self in the wake of baby Samuel's birth, and they're starting to worry.


There's nothing Jill loves more than taking selfies of her cute little family (when they're stateside and have Internet access, at least, and not serving as missionaries in Central America), but she's been noticeably absent in the two-plus weeks since Sam's birth.

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Derick and Jill welcomed their second son back on July 8, but it wasn't until just this week that the proud mama shared a photo of him on social media. It's not only the silence that is causing fans to worry -- Jill also posted a cryptic message just before adding the snap of her sweet newborn on her Instagram page.

She added the caption to the photo of a Bible verse written on a post-it note, "Such a great reminder from the Bible #Psalms5023 ... It's easy to praise God when things are going great, but do we continue to count our blessings when things aren't going like we planned?"

jill duggar insta

Multiple posts from fans indicate that they're worried Jill had to have an emergency hysterectomy after Samuel was born. She had two really difficult labors (70 hours with Israel and 40 with Sam) that both ended in C-sections, so it's definitely a possibility.

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There is zero evidence that Jill has any health problems outside of recovering from major abdominal surgery, but she's obviously struggling with something. We hope it's just the typical sleepless nights that come with having a newborn.

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