Story From Princess Diana's Childhood Reminds Us of Her Incredible Bravery

Princess Diana
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We always knew Princess Diana was a force. In honor of the 20th anniversary of her death this summer, her loved ones have been coming forward to share stories about her life and legacy, and her brother just told an amazing one about his "incredibly brave" sister


First Charles Spencer dispelled the notion that she was ever referred to as "Shy Di," as the media nicknamed her after her wedding with Prince Charles.

"None of us ever called her 'Di' at home," he explained to People. "In fact, there are so many myths from our childhood that are just so ridiculous. That's one of them. I just think she was never shy, but she was canny about people and she was reserved to start with. And she would take a judgment of somebody before reacting to them. So, that's not shy ... that's actually quite clever."

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Not only was she clever, she was also fearless. We knew it already, after watching her do things like wander through a minefield like it was NBD to raise awareness, but apparently bravery is something she embodied from a young age.

Diana's brother also shared a memory from when they were children visiting their mother in Scotland. They set off to catch some lobsters, and when they pulled the trap up, it contained "a really massive conger eel." He said, "It was black and it had teeth was very long and it was flapping around the boat. And Diana just got a pen knife out and just dealt with it. It was hand-to-hand and she just got stuck in. This thing was really a creature from the deep. And she just dealt with it."

Total. Badass.

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Spencer said that her fearlessness was one of the reasons she was able to accomplish so much in such a short period here on earth. She wasn't afraid to tackle issues like AIDS and HIV, homelessness and poverty, and the ravages of war. He gushed that his sister has "a genius for people and could connect with anyone."

"She could make any person, whether they were the grandest or the most humble, totally at ease," he added. "It's an incredible gift."

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