Robert Pattinson Confesses That He Stole & Sold Porn Magazines as a Kid -- Yes, Really

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Whether it's because he was considered a teen heartthrob when he first hit the spotlight or because he comes off as so dashingly charming, Robert Pattinson seems to have a pretty squeaky-clean image. But it turns out, the now-31-year-old actor was a bit of a thief and rebel as a kid. Apparently, Pattinson's early entrepreneurial instincts drove him to steal and sell porn. Ha, yes, really.


"I've never actually said this before," Pattinson recently confessed to Howard Stern. "I was stealing porno magazines and selling them at school. No one knew at all what to do with them, though ... I'd sell them for a lot of money."

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Wowww, RPattz, you little devil!

The actor, who also admitted to being "kind of" engaged to singer and dancer FKA Twigs, elaborated: 

"I used to go in and take, like, one or two, and then put them in my bag. I was in my school uniform when I was doing it, and it was kind of risky. At the end, I got so cocky that I would take the entire rack .... I remember the guy who worked in the store shouting, like, 'Hey!' and then my two friends ran off, and I turned around, like, 'What?' I walked back up to him. I hadn't zipped up my bag. This guy is pulling out all these porno magazines -- and it was when porn used to have, like, VHS tapes in the plastic sheet with it -- and he's pulling all these things out, and I was sitting there humiliated with all the old people looking at me disgusted."

Oh man. That is embarrassing! It got even worse when the newsstand employee contacted Pattinson's school and filled them in on his transgression. "Basically, a couple of days later, everything fell down," Pattinson confessed. "Basically, every single one of my friends snitched on me, literally, across the board."

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Hey, the guy obviously had it comin'. Surely, that's a moment the actor will never forget. So random and funny that he's opening up about it now. Guess he is well past the days of worrying that the Twilight team will flip out on him over long-ago bad-boy behavior! 

Cheers to growing up and being able to own the ridiculous behavior of your youth! 

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