Duggar Couples Compete to Find Out Who Knows Each Other Best

Counting On, Duggar Couples

Too cute! Some of the Duggar sisters just played a version of The Newlywed Game on Counting On, and it's clear these ladies are totally in love with their hubbies. It's also clear that Ben Seewald wins the Husband Award in the group, after he admitted the cringeworthy thing he does for Jessa to show his love. 


During the aftershow for this week's episode, host Daphne Oz welcomed Ben and Jessa Seewald, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo, and Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth to play a guessing game. The gentlemen were asked to write down the most selfless thing thing they do for their wives, and the ladies had to guess what they wrote.

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They then revealed their written-down responses, and points would be awarded if they matched. Notice we said "would be," as none of the couples matched for this particular question!

Jer made an earnest attempt to point out one of his selfless acts, and wrote "Put down the toilet seat" on his whiteboard. Jinge guessed that "taking out the trash" would be his answer. Then Joy-Anna and Austin took a stab at it when he guessed "open the car door," and she wrote that he gave her foot massages. 

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The best answer had to be Ben Seewald though, who noted that his most selfless act was "cleaning hair out of drains," which he accompanied with a hand-drawn grossed-out face. "And you've got a lot of hair, girl!" added Daphne, to which every long-haired viewer nodded in solemnity.

We have to hand it to Ben on this one, even if Jessa guessed "back massages." Any man who will clean his wife's gross drain hair deserves a Husband of the Year award.

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