15 of Jinger Duggar's Most Daring Looks

15 of Jinger Duggar's Most Daring Looks

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Being a Duggar girl isn't easy. Following all of those rules is tough enough, but with people watching their every move, it can be even harder to live up to those "standards." It was almost inevitable at least one of the ladies woud come into her own. Of all the Duggar girls, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo definitely has taken the most heat -- mainly for what she wears. Ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo, she's really come into her own. And we've gotta say: We like what we're seeing. From pants to shorts (!!!) to dresses that may or may not meet Duggar standards, this isn't the typical Duggar-wear, but we like it! It's a refreshing change of pace from the conservative way the rest of her sisters dress. 

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Everyone knows that the Duggars have certain rules that they want their children to live by. Woman are typically asked to keep their clothing conservative -- no pants, no revealing tops, and certainly no shorts. However, the ladies do get some autonomy after they get married -- that is, if their husbands give them permission to wear pants and shorts. Now that Jinger is a married lady, she seems to be strutting her stuff and showing off her slender figure in some form-fitting pants and leggings. We have to say, even though we respect the Duggars' religious beliefs, it's always nice to see these ladies break out of the box every once and a while.

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Here are 15 of Jinger's most daring looks. Keep 'em coming, girl. Looking great.

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