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Prince George & Princess Charlotte's Sweetest Moments From Their Royal Tour

prince george princess charlotte royal tour
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Kate Middleton and Prince William's recent tour of Poland and Germany seemed to go off without a hitch. The duke and duchess spent time with people far less fortunate than they. They showed their competitive sides during a boat race. And -- of course -- they baked pretzels. But as dazzling and, let's be honest, stylish as the royal couple's recent tour was, we're not going to lie: We were laser focused on Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

It isn't every day we get to see the littlest prince and princess out and about, so we were thrilled when we heard George, newly 5, and Charlotte, who just turned 2 in May, were tagging along on Mum and Dad's trip -- and, yes, it was everything we hoped for and more. 

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The dynamic duo took center stage several times during the tour of Poland and Germany. They were shy, curious, and sometimes a little sleepy, but more than anything, they were too cute for words. They're still perfecting their tiny royal waves and, you know, making eye contact with their fans and dignitaries from around the world, but we really have to give it to these two (and their parents). They really held their own for their royal duties and surely made their grandma proud. 

Here are Prince George and Princess Charlotte's 17 sweetest moments from their tour of Poland and Germany. 

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2Charlotte Being Not-So-Bashful

Charlotte, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind the onlookers. As long as she had Mom, that is. 

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3The Royal Fam in All Their Matching Glory

Talk about a stylish entrance. What children look like this when getting off a plane? Where are the crushed crackers on their shirts?

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5The Flower Cure

Princess Charlotte was actually feeling on the shy side when they arrived in Germany, as well. But clearly it wasn't anything a few mini bouquets couldn't fix. So cute!

Zak Hussein/Splash News

6Little Airplane Face

Of course, nothing was as cute as seeing little Charlotte's head looking out the airplane window when they touched down on the second leg of their tour. Adorable!

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8Most Stylish Fam Bam

Another uber-stylish arrival for the royal family. Seriously, guys, how do you do it?

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But again, Prince George isn't amused. Little guy just wants to take a nap. 

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11Aww, Don't Cry

Poor little Charlotte appears to shed a few tears before leaving Hamburg. Maybe she just loved the city that much!

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12Take Off

Another super fabulous travel session for the royal family. Seriously, does this family ever look remotely bad?

Zak Hussein/Splash News

14Toddler Fun

Prince George definitely enjoyed touring the Airbus training facilities in Hamburg before leaving. What kid wouldn't?!

Zak Hussein/Splash News

15Mini Co-Pilot

This obviously was the best part of Prince George's trip. Heaven on earth for a little one!


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