Kate Middleton Handles Princess Charlotte's Temper Tantrum Like a Seasoned Pro

Kate Middleton, Prince Willaim, Prince George, Princess Charlotte
Zak Hussein/Splash News

It must have been nap time! Princess Charlotte had a bit of a tantrum in public on Friday, as the royal family hit the airport in Hamburg to fly home after a quick royal tour of Poland and Germany. Kate Middleton proved herself once again to be supermom, as she handled her 2-year-old's public meltdown like a pro.

  • The royal family arrived at the airport in Germany to catch a private plane home to London, and it's clear something was already amiss with Charlotte.

    kate middleton in germany
    PATRIK STOLLARZ/Contributor/Getty Images

    Just look at the way the adorable tot was rubbing her eyes! A clear indicator that a tantrum was imminent.

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  • Princess Charlotte was clearly starting to lose it.

    Franziska Krug/Contributor/Getty Images

    Kate pulled out a mom-move we all know well -- the finger wag. Seriously, haven't we all been there and done that?

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  • Mama attempted to swoop in for the rescue before Char could go into full-on toddler tantrum mode.

    princess charlotte tantrum
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    William and Kate have always said that they want their kids to have as normal a childhood as possible, and it looks like that includes dealing with the terrible twos, instead of pretending they don't happen.

  • Down for the count! Toddler has hit the ground!

    princess charlotte crying
    Franziska Krug/Contributor/Getty Images
  • Meanwhile Prince George is like -- get it together Char.

    george and charlotte
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Seriously. Toddler meltdowns were so two years ago for George.

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  • All's well that ends well, as the royals boarded their private plane to go home.

    Pool/Getty Images

    We're betting that the little princess napped all the way home.