Kevin Hart Addresses Allegations of Cheating on His Pregnant Wife

Rick Davis / Splash News

Kevin Hart
Rick Davis / Splash News

Hollywood cheating rumors are becoming less and less "scandalous" these days, as practically everyone seems to have their hands in the cookie jar. But allegations that Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife -- linked to video that shows the comedian in what some would consider a compromising situation -- are making both heads and eyes cut to the side, especially after Kev's recent refutes to the claims.

  • Hart and his wife of less than a year, Eniko Hart, are expecting their first child together, which makes these rumors anything but a laughing matter.

    Baby boy Hart will join sister Heaven, 12, and brother Hendrix, 9½, from Kevin's previous marriage to actress Torrei Hart.

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    Kevin and Eniko tied the knot last August and have been together over seven years.

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  • Recent video showing the 38-year-old comedian in a car with a woman in the wee hours of the morning has caused a stir online.

    The mystery woman in the Shade Room footage has been identified as Miami singer Monique "MoMo" Gonzalez. Both Kevin and Monique -- along with an unidentified person -- were filmed sitting in a car outside a Miami hotel at 5 a.m. on July 3.

  • Fans and shade-throwers alike were quick to call out Kevin for his alleged indiscretions -- and had no problem bringing up past infidelities.

    Ex Torrei has accused Kevin of cheating during their marriage, even going so far as to say Eniko was the woman Kevin was with that ultimately ended their seven-year union back in 2011.

    "It does hurt that my kids have to be around a woman who broke up a marriage," Torrei told Entertainment Tonight during a 2014 interview. 

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    While Kevin does admit he "messed up" during his marriage to Torrei, he has vehemently denied that Eniko was his mistress.

  • Others feel the comedian has time to learn from his mistakes, just like a certain hip-hop giant did who was able to bounce back.

  • Some, however, don't feel the video proves anything -- outside of Kevin hanging in a car with people.

  • Since the release of cargate, Kevin has responded to the cheating rumors by taking to Instagram.

    "#LiveLoveLaugh ..... SMDH," Hart captions on the meme he posted July 20.

  • "The one thing that I was blessed with is a super strong mental," he wrote on Insta.

    Hart continues in his July 21 Instagram post:

    "You can never allow others or others words or opinions to affect YOUR mental because your the only one that knows you. My advice to the world is to keep your circles small and your positivity high. People can't penetrate what you don't allow them into ... Which is my house & my circle. Words to live by people."

  • And Kev isn't stopping there, as the soon-to-be father of three spoke with 'Entertainment Tonight' to mic drop on this scandal once again.

    "It's absolutely not true," Hart tells Kevin Frazier during an interview. "It's Miami, the clubs close at 6 a.m., so I was actually going home early."

  • Needless to say, Kevin's explanation was less than convincing to people -- including those who say he shouldn't be out so late with a wife at home.

  • Given how in love these two are, we're crossing our fingers that all this buzz remains a nonissue.

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