Khloe Kardashian Is Being Harassed Over O.J. Simpson's Parole

khloe kardashian
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People are still on this? Now that O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after serving nine years in prison for armed robbery, people are harrassing ... Khloe Kardashian. Yes, really. Fans have been convinced that O.J. is Khloe's real father for years (because, you know, they look so much alike), and now that the ex-NFL star is set to be released, fans are making rude comments on Khloe's social feeds. Way to keep it classy, world. 


After the shocking news of O.J.'s parole was revealed, the comments started rolling on Khloe's Instagram photos. "Uh-oh your daddy coming home" one fan wrote, while others wrote things like, "O.J. is ready to see you"; "Your father's coming home"; and "Get him the 2018 Bronco to skirttt off in." Lovely. 

The Shade Room captured a few of the tasteless remarks. 

shade room

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Thankfully, a few of Khloe's fans came to her defense. One follower said, "Her dad is deceased. What you're doing isn't cool or funny. It's bullying. Since when is it cool for adult to bully over IG?" Word. 

Khloe has been harassed about O.J. being her father for a while now, so it's not exactly a huge shock that she's on the receiving end of some of these comments right now. Thankfully, she has a sense of humor about the whole thing. When a fan told her on Instagram that she looked really "white" in a photo once, she wrote back, "I don't know… Some days I'm O.J.'s daughter. Others I'm Robert's daughter."

For as long as they live, the Kardashians are going to be taunted, but it might be time to put this subject to rest. Trying to disgrace a deceased man by saying his daughter isn't really his is a new low. Gross. Move on, people. 

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