New Poster for Princess Diana Special Shows the Unbreakable Bond She Had With Her Boys

Princess Diana
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HBO just released a new poster for its upcoming documentary on Princess Diana, and it gave us some serious feels. Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy is the first time that Prince William and Prince Harry talk openly about their relationship with their mother, and the network found the perfect photo to promote it.


The picture was reportedly taken in the garden at Highgrove house in 1988, in honor of Prince Charles's 40th birthday. That would make the princes 4 and 6, and from the expressions on their faces, they completely adored their mum.

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According to Harper's Bazaar, executive producer Nick Kent explained that the photo was selected because "it reflects that in this film, for the first time, Princess Diana's two sons talk openly and at length about how she was as a mother. As Diana's close personal friends confirm, it was with her sons that she felt she could be herself."

Director Ashley Gething concurred, telling Bazaar, "It shows the informality, intimacy, fun, and laughter which characterized the princes' relationship with their mother."

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In a preview for the HBO special, William and Harry open up for the first time about life growing up with Princess Diana as their mother, and according to Gething, they were unlocking some old memories that they had tucked away in the backs of their minds. He called the experience "very moving," and explained to Bazaar, "Both princes prefaced their interviews by saying it was difficult to remember aspects of their childhood -- the effect of their bereavement had been to block out the past -- but during the conversations many memories came back to them. It really did feel to me like they were remembering and recalling, perhaps for the first time."

It sounds like it's going to be a touching remembrance of the late princess. The photo to accompany it sets the perfect stage.

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