'Parenthood' Stars Give Us the Ultimate #TBT & Now We Have the Ugly Cries

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Just when you thought you were officially done crying over the Bravermans, they go and pull a stunt like this. Parenthood star Sam Jaeger revisited his former TV home and captured it on video. Now we're tearfully nostalgic for the NBC drama. Thanks a lot. 


During some downtime on the Universal Studios lot, where Parenthood filmed its six seasons, Sam decided you actually can go home again and took a look around the abode his character Joel shared with wife Julia, played by Erika Christensen. He kindly filmed the walk down memory lane to share with his former costar, who then posted the clip to Instagram. Because apparently we all need a good sob.

What, you didn't want to cry today? Sorry. Just got this text from @samjaeger ... #parenthood #joelia

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While showing off the empty "house," Sam briefly turned the camera on himself. "What?! It's empty," he narrates. "But you know what? I can feel the love. I hope you're doing well. Just tooling around Universal [Studios] today and I thought I'd come up to the old house! I love you."

Adorable, right? And so sweet that Sam thought to text the video to Erika. We still love us some #Joelia.

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If this was just a ploy on Sam's part to remind us of the show that gave us the ugly cries before This Is Us premiered last year, well played. We are officially in desperate need of a Braverman family reunion, or a Parenthood binge-a-thon. Thank God for Netflix and Kleenex.

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