Let's Celebrate Prince George's 4th Birthday -- What a Little Man He's Become

Michele Zipp | Jul 21, 2017 Celebrities
Let's Celebrate Prince George's 4th Birthday -- What a Little Man He's Become
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prince george
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Prince George turns 4 years old on July 22! Wow, those years went fast (as all parents can relate). The little Prince of Cambridge continues to win our hearts with his expressive looks, dapper clothing, and pure excitement for life. Here, we take a look at some of our favorite moments over the last year and see how much he's grown.

Going from age 3 to 4 shows subtle changes, but most of what we see is George developing quite the personality. His imagination is growing and his tastes are forming -- it's clear he is quite the spiffy dresser (with or without Mom's help). We look forward to each year with this sweet prince, and here is a walk down memory lane to honor his third one as he turns 4 years old. 

Happy birthday, Prince George!

  • Who wears short shorts?

    prince george shorts
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    It's hard to handle the cuteness seen here as Prince George tours Poland with his sister and parents. Those short shorts are really rock and roll.

  • That look.

    prince george funny look
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    This kid has attitude in the best way. Take a look at that face! We think he's a little like his uncle Harry, right?

  • Or more like Grandpa?

    prince george royals
    WeirPhotos/Splash News

    Prince Philip, otherwise known as Grandpa, and the littlest prince George seem to be making the same expression. Or maybe George is just taking in all the attention without realizing Papa is, too.

  • The waiting is the hardest part.

    Trooping of the Colour george charlotte
    Neil Warner/Sirc/Splash News

    Being royal comes with some very boring duties. Clearly, George is so over the Trooping of the Colour and ready to color with crayons instead.

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  • Taking the lead.

    prince george pippa wedding
    Retropix/Splash News

    At his aunt Pippa's wedding, Prince George was a most adorable flower child. 

  • So cheeky.

    prince george
    Retropix/Splash News

    Stop the cuteness! Okay, don't stop! Those cheeks! That dimple!

  • Full of joy.

    prince george
    Splash News

    Yes, we have to talk about that sweater with the collar popped out and the high socks and the red shorts ... all of it is just too darn cute. But it's that side-swept hair and the way his hands are in the air that really shows how full of joy this guy is. 

  • Family fun.

    prince george and charlotte play with balloons
    Splash News

    George has such a sweet mum and sister, and to see them in moments like this one just melts us.

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  • Daddy hug.

    prince george hugging william
    Splash News

    The love! There is nothing like a hug from your little one.

  • Classic kid time.

    prince george blowing bubbles
    Splash News

    Blowing bubbles is one of the really fun parts of childhood. This photo is what they call a framer.

  • Bigger bubbles.

    prince george blows bubbles with kate middleton
    Splash News

    Of course, bigger bubbles are harder to get going, but as we can see here -- George isn't giving up.

  • All smiles.

    prince george socks
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Is he hopping? Fixing his sock? Scratching an itch? No matter, that smile is mega-watt!

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  • Pure happiness.

    prince george
    Splash News

    Seriously, he cannot be any cuter.

  • Full of wonderment.

    prince george holding hands with dad
    Retropix/Splash News

    We love this image of Prince Will showing his son the cool planes and helicopters. And we love the little prince taking it all in with amazement in his eyes.

  • A mama's love.

    princess kate holding prince george
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Of course, there is no place quite like Mama's arms. We love how happy George looks with his mum. And how much love is written all over her face as she looks at him.

  • One year ago ...

    prince george

    This pic was taken as George entered his third year, and it's interesting to note how much growing he's done in the days since. We adore you, George! Happy day to you!

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