Here's What Prince George & Princess Charlotte Will Be Called at School

george and charlotte
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So cool, he doesn't need a surname. Prince George is set to start preschool this September, and not surprisingly, Kate Middleton and Prince William are determined he has as normal a life as possible. With this hope in mind, it's been revealed that Prince George won't use a surname when he goes to school, nor will Charlotte when she starts.  


The names of royal family members can be a bit confusing, as they're long and often without surnames. For instance, Prince George's full name is George Alexander Louis, just as William's is William Arthur Philip Louis -- but Louis isn't their last name. Technically speaking, it's Mountbatten-Windsor, but this is something they rarely use. 

The royal family's website says: "For the most part, members of the Royal Family who are entitled to the style and dignity of HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) Prince or Princess do not need a surname, but if at any time any of them do need a surname (such as upon marriage), that surname is Mountbatten-Windsor."

So, in other words, George and Charlotte won't be using Mountbatten-Windsor when they head off to school. Not sure about the prince or princess part. 

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Again, the duke and duchess want to do everything in their power to make George and Charlotte's lives as normal as possible, so it's understandable that they don't want the teacher calling out, "George Mountbatten-Windsor" during role call. But at the same time, it's going to be impossible for other students not to know who the prince and princess are once they get older. 

For now, though, Prince George should be good. A fellow student is just a fellow student to a preschooler. Have fun finger-painting with your friends, little guy. 

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