Princess Charlotte Wore Uncle Harry's Hand-Me-Down Shoes -- Awww

Zak Hussein/Splash News

The cuteness of the royal kids is a lot to handle. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have their very own style going on and just about every photo of them (even the freakout ones) is ridiculously adorable. But a certain pair of red shoes that Charlotte is wearing is making our hearts swell with joy even more. That's because those shoes are thought to have belonged to a young Prince Harry.


Check out the those red shoes on little Harry and then on Charlotte. 

princess charlotte shoes william
Tim Graham/Getty Images; Zak Hussein/Splash News

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We're smitten with this red Mary Jane–style shoe and the white socks on both Harry and Charlotte. How cute is Harry! Also, check out Prince William with red shoes and black socks behind Harry, too. We'll be keeping a lookout for those T-bar strap shoes on the kids as well.

As Hello! magazine reports, a Twitter user named @bojanana pointed out that the shoes that the little princess is wearing while she is on tour with her family may be hand-me-downs from her uncle. On Charlotte, they seem a little scuffed and appear to be the brand Start-rite -- with the same bar strap and rounded toe as the shoes Harry once wore. Charlotte is 2 years old now, and this pic of Harry was taken when he was 2 as well.

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These kids have worn many items passed down from their royal roots. Most of the clothing items have been baptism pieces, but we know there are other favorite things included as well. George has worn quite a few pieces from his dad's kid clothes collection. It's adorable that Charlotte is wearing shoes from her favorite uncle. And so sweet to imagine that the late Princess Diana set many of her sons' clothes aside for future generations. 

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