Kourtney Kardashian Is Taking Heat for an Innocent Photo of Her Kids

kourtney kardashian kids

The Kardashians are often called into question for their parenting choices, but this time, it's a bit ridiculous. Believe it or not, Kourtney is being called out for a photo of her kids kissing. Seriously? 


In the photo that's raising eyebrows, Kourtney's kiddos are cuddling up in bed together, and Mason seems to be giving his younger sibling Penelope a big smooch. Of course, the angle the photo is taken it from makes it hard to see what's going on here, but the general consensus in the comments is that they're kissing on the lips.

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Apparently Kourtney's followers are freaking out, claiming that these siblings are way too close for comfort and even that it's "sick" that Kourtney would let them do that. Okay, what?!

kourtney k kids

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Kourtney and her kids frequently kiss their mom (and each other) square on the lips, and there is plenty of evidence on her Instagram to prove it. This isn't anything new -- why are people freaking out about it now? It's nothing romantic, of course. It's just siblings showing affection by giving them a little peck. Some would even say it's sweet. 

And as for where it ranks on the bad parenting scale? Yeah, it doesn't even rank, that's how low this is. So maybe we can give Kourtney a break? 

Sigh. There are worse things in the world than a brother and sister who adore each other. Can we move on now? 

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