Kim Kardashian's Daughter & Ex Reggie Bush's Kid Are Twins -- How Did We Miss This?

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It's been a really long time since Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were a couple. Both of them have moved way beyond that time in their lives and are now married to other people. Kim and Reggie also both have a boy and a girl with their significant others. But something has come to our attention that has us freaking out. Kim's daughter North West and Reggie's daughter Briseis look exactly alike. Plus, Reggie's wife Lilit Avagyan could totally be mistaken for Kim. 


Here is an adorable pic of Kim and North.

kim and north

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And a collection of cute pics of North. 

north west

Here we have Kim with both kids in the car -- how sweet is Saint?


And here below is Reggie's wife Lilit with their daughter Briseis and son Uriah.

reggie bush wife kids

Mind blown! This is bananas!

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Not Kim. This is Lilit.

reggie bush wife

Wow! It's clear that both Kim and Reggie have such beautiful families -- and we are so thrilled for their happiness. We're also in a bit of amazement how much Kim and Lilit look alike. And because their mamas resemble each other, it makes sense that North and Briseis look alike, too.

Briseis is just a few months older than North; and Uriah is a few months older than Saint. So both families are experiencing their kids' milestones around the same time as well. 

We wonder if they notice the resemblance, too. 

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