Kate Middleton's Latest 'Baby' Comment Has Royal Fans in a Tizzy

kate middleton
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Royal baby number three? During a business reception in Warsaw on Monday, Kate Middleton hinted that a third baby is a very real possibility for her and Prince William. The world has been speculating about the royal couple having another baby since Charlotte's birth, but the duchess pretty much just made it official with her latest comment. 


According to news.com.au, when a royal fan handed Kate a soft, cuddly toy designed for newborns, Kate graciously took it, thanked the fan, and then said, "We will just have to have more babies."

What?!?! If that's not a hint that she's planning to have another baby -- at some point -- we're not sure what is. 

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Since the birth of Prince George, people have been making bets on how many children William and Kate will have -- and three has always been a popular guess. After all, the duchess has two siblings herself and it's well-known how close she is with her parents and brother and sister. 

Of course, there's also another rumor that Kate and William want to have two more children. In 2015, a source told HollywoodLife.com that Kate was keen to have two more babies -- her third when she was 35, which puts her right on track! Her birthday is in January, so, technically, she could be pregnant already. 

It would be surprising if the duke and duchess were done having children already, so here's to hoping we'll be on royal baby watch again soon. And luckily for Kate, she already has baby's first toy. 

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