Beyonce's Mom Offers Up Beautiful Insight into Baby Rumi's Name

beyonce mom
Rick Davis / Splash News

Details about Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins have been slow to come forward, which is why the universe had a collective freakout when it was confirmed that their names are indeed Rumi and Sir Carter. While Sir has a clear regal appeal fit for a celebrity kiddo, Rumi was a bit of a head-scratcher. But Bey's mom Tina Knowles cleared it up with a beautiful Instagram post.


The name Rumi may seem like it came out of thin air, but known poetry aficionado Beyonce clearly had inspiration. Tina recently posted some beautiful pieces from the 13th century poet of the same name that made us say think ah-ha!

Tina Knowles Rumi poetry Instagram post
We're not sure how familiar Tina, who is particularly smitten with the third quote, was with Rumi's work before, but she appears to be revisiting the poet's words upon the birth of her newest granddaughter. It's also unclear whether the proud grandma knew about Bey and Jay's choice of names prior to their birth or if the couple kept them under wraps to family as well.

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Poet Warsan Shire worked with Beyonce on Lemonade, then collabed with the singer again on the poem that helped announce her pregnancy with the twins. For eagle-eyed fans who are stealthy at connecting the dots, perhaps they could have guessed ahead of time that Beyonce was eyeing a name that highlights her love of poetry.

While we're still twiddling our thumbs as we wait for more info about these famous little bundles, we so appreciate the breadcrumbs that family members like Tina have been dropping to satiate our appetite for news. 

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