Ben Affleck Is All About That 'Regular' Life With New Girlfriend

Ben Affleck at Fourth of July parade
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It's been a loooong time since Ben Affleck was able to enjoy a private relationship without the paparazzi and tabloids poking around for dirt. But now that he has a non-famous girlfriend, does he stand a chance at everlasting love?


According to Page Six, he's hedging his bets on it.

The actor has recently been stepping out publicly with 37-year-old Lindsay Shookus, a Saturday Night Live producer, whom he allegedly began romancing years ago before he and soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Garner separated. The two have recently been spotted grabbing coffee and dinner and holding hands like young lovebirds. But aside from the fact that Lindsay is a pretty, leggy blonde, what's her most appealing quality?

"He's never really dated a regular girl before," a source tells the Post. "He's always gone for high-profile women. He wants to date people that know and understand his life. When you're a TV producer, you understand that [Hollywood] life."

Ah, just how every woman wants to be described -- as a "regular girl." (Insert eye roll emoji.)

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For her part, Lindsay appears to be enjoying her newfound fame, so we're not entirely sure how long she'll remain "regular" enough for the father of three.

The same source told Page Six: "She's enjoying it. She never wanted to be on camera, but she's comfortable getting a lot of attention."

Us Weekly recently reported that Jennifer Garner was aware of Ben and Lindsay's affair in its early days, with the actress confronting her about ending it. Lindsay allegedly told Jennifer that she would only stop seeing the actor if he called the affair off first. Now that's some, errrrr, confidence?

With that kind of assertiveness, perhaps Ben really has met his "regular girl" match.

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