Fans Speculate That Anna Duggar's Due Date Is Fast Approaching

Josh Duggar family

We might know that Anna Duggar is expecting her fifth child sometime later on this year, but what we don't know? Basically anything else about her pregnancy. So now, fans are speculating about Anna's due date.  


As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, a fan on Facebook named Melissa Adrian put together the information we do have, and it seems like she may have actually cracked it! According to the site, here's what she discovered: 

"All we know is she was between 18-20 weeks in March when announced as we knew gender. Most likely she is due August sometime. Even if only 16 weeks when announced, she would be almost eight months now."

Although Anna is obviously the only 100 percent accurate source of information here, this fan's guess sounds about right. Guess we'll know for sure when her new baby arrives.

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Considering all the negative press she's had to shield her growing family from in addition to raising her little ones, it's been a rough couple of years for Anna. Hopefully her new baby will be a huge source of happiness for her -- and knowing Mackynzie, Marcus, Michael, and Meredith, this little boy will be absolutely adorable.

Maybe Anna will reveal more details herself as her possible due date looms closer? Let's hope! 

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