Prince Harry Met Harry Styles Again & I Might Need a Cold Shower

prince harry meeting one direction
Paul Hackett/WPA Pool/Splash News

Remember that time when Prince Harry met One Direction at the Royal Variety Performance in London back in 2015? Yeah ... we thought it was pretty cool and fangirled a little because duh -- boy bands and princes in the same room are kind of a winning combination. But that chance interaction above can't quite compare to Prince Harry and Harry Styles meeting for a second time at the world premiere of Dunkirk in London.


Prepare to swoon. I sure did.

prince harry and harry styles
Pool/Reuters/Splash News

Ummm ... when did Harry Styles suddenly turn into a distinguished gentleman that the cougar inside of my almost 40-year-old self can't possibly resist? Okay, so I've always sorta had a thing for him for a while now, but this photo has me thinking thoughts that I probably shouldn't be thinking, you know ... since I'm technically old enough to be his mom.

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And I suppose Prince Harry deserves some of the love here too. He has this whole royal-yet-totally-chill, handsome-yet-rugged-and-scruffy thing going on -- and it's workin' for him. Gah. That Meghan Markle landed the catch of the century. (Or did she? Stay tuned.)

Okay, back to the other Harry. We can't fail to mention that he's making his acting debut in the flick (!!), which is a film based on the real-life evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII. It opens in theaters in the US on July 20. Based on the trailer, it looks like making the jump from the stage to the screen was NBD for our man Har. (Not that we're the least bit surprised.)

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