Actor James Woods Mocked a Young Boy Wearing Makeup & Neil Patrick Harris Wasn't Here For It

Jackie Brown/Splash News

neil patrick harris
Jackie Brown/Splash News

Though we are making incredible strides for the LGBTQ+ community, there are an unfortunate few who are intent on keeping society in the dark. It is disheartening whenever it happens, but it's especially painful when high-profile celebrities do it -- and even worse when a child is the target. 

  • Actor James Woods posted a photo of a young boy and his supportive parents with comments that were pretty uncalled for.

    Woods's tweet read:

    "This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you've done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage."

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  • Harris, who actually knew the family, fired back.

    "Utterly ignorant and classless, Mr. Woods," Harris responded. "I'm friends with this family. You know not of what you speak, and should be ashamed of yourself."

  • Many Twitter users thanked Harris for defending the family, including the Human Rights Campaign.

    Harris's response quickly went viral, gaining more engagement than Woods's original post.

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  • And although some of the responses were pretty divided...

  • ... the good seemed to outweigh the ignorance overall.

  • Thank you, Harris, for being a decent person.

    We're sure this sweet little family appreciates it.