Josh Duggar's New Lawsuit Is Already Irritating People

josh duggar

Josh Duggar is back at it again. Or something like that. It's been reported that recently Josh filed a lawsuit against city and county officials he believes were in the wrong for releasing police reports in 2015. The former reality star is taking legal action against Springdale city officials due to the fact that they released information related to Josh's alleged sexual abuse. Um, how dare they?


Josh is seeking $75,000 in damages, legal fees, and a jury trial. A spokeswoman for Springdale, Arkansas, said Josh's legal action is a "misguided lawsuit against dedicated public servants." Josh is also being criticized for "seeking damages from public tax dollars," which, if you're up on your Duggar gossip, is the same criticism Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna, and Jinger received when they filed their lawsuit against city officials, Washington County officials, and In Touch Weekly magazine.

Charges were never filed against Josh, but he and his sisters are claiming authorities released documents to In Touch after it filed a state Freedom of Information Act request. The suits also say that officials supervised the police department's redaction and release of a report in violation of the Arkansas juvenile code.

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Long story short: Josh wants money because incriminating information about him was released, despite the fact that he lives his life in the public eye. Bad idea. If Josh was smart, he'd drop the suit, because not only is it doubtful he'll be compensated, his name is never going to be cleared, now matter how much money he receives. 

Josh Duggar was never the most popular of the Duggars, but, needless to say, his stock has fallen big-time in the last few years. He's never going to regain "fans," so, for many reasons, the best thing he can do right now is keep quiet and focus on his family and his therapy.

Seeking monetary compensation after molestation allegations? Not a good look.   

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