Rob Kardashian Apologizes to His Family & Makes a Humble Admission About Blac Chyna

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Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Rob Kardashian is now realizing that his family was right all along about Blac Chyna -- her intentions were never pure with him. According to reports, Rob has apologized to his family for not taking their word from the get-go, as well as for slut shaming her on social media. Baby steps?


Any fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians knows that Rob's family wasn't supportive of his relationship with Chyna right off the bat. Rob's sisters -- Khloe, especially -- expressed their concerns about the couple's whirlwind romance immediately, but Rob couldn't have cared less about what they had to say. 

Egg on his face. 

Sources told TMZ that Rob recently admit that the Kardashian girls were right all along -- Chyna was always "bad news." Evidently, he told them they were right and that he should have listened to them. 

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Perhaps more importantly, though, Rob expressed remorse over posting nude photos of Chyna online, as well as releasing medical information about her (Rob claims she had plastic surgery right after Dream was born.) This is all fine and good, but let's be honest here, it doesn't undo the damage he caused -- and if he should be apologizing to anyone about that, it's Chyna. 

One thing Rob isn't apologizing for is physically abusing Chyna, though -- an allegation Chyna recently made. Rob is sticking to his guns on this one, saying that he never layed a finger on her. 

As the story goes, the women have accepted Rob's apology and are hopeful that he'll take their advice more seriously in the future. 

We'll see about that, ladies. 

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