Kim Kardashian Accused of Having 'Lines of Cocaine' in a Snapchat Video

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Kim Kardashian has always been all about sharing her life with her followers, but did she share a little too much this time? Fans are accusing Kim of having cocaine in the background of one of her recent Snapchat videos, and fortunately, she has already responded to those who are calling her out. 


The video seems pretty innocent on its own -- Kim is showing off her insanely gorgeous makeup, and it's easy to miss what the big deal is about it. But looking in the background, you can see two white lines of powder on a table behind her, and it makes sense that some people would jump to the conclusion that it's a sign of drug use.

But as soon as Kim caught wind of these rumors, she hopped on Twitter to clear the air. She said: 


That makes so much more sense than cocaine, right? 

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Think about it -- Kim doesn't even enjoy drinking, so why would she be into drugs? It just wouldn't make any sense. And of course, the supposed cocaine could belong to someone else, but we doubt she'd ever let North or Saint around something so dangerous.

Besides, the truth about the mystery powder actually makes a lot more sense. A visit to Dylan's Candy Bar and a toddler is a recipe for a sugar disaster. We'd be more shocked if North didn't make a mess in the process! 

Kim, keep doing what you're doing. The rest of us are just jealous you look that flawless in the Snapchat flower crown.

Update -- Kim posted a follow-up video today further explaining the powdery substance. Nailed it!

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