13 Times Prince George Was About to Lose It

Michele Zipp | Jul 11, 2017 Celebrities
13 Times Prince George Was About to Lose It
Image: Tony Clark/Splash News

prince george
Tony Clark/Splash News

Prince George is just 3 years old (soon to be 4), and with those preschooler years comes even more personality shining through. George has a lot of it -- so much so that you can read his emotions by the look on his face ... and he makes a lot of facial expressions. As we browsed through images of the littlest prince, we found many moments when George was about to lose it and we had to share.

We all have our moods, of course. But there is something so adorable about Prince George even when, or especially when, he's about to have a total meltdown. (The same cannot be said for the rest of us.)

Little George has the most expressive face, and let's just say when he's so excited (or tired or bored or completely dunzo), he just can't hide it.

We have to give it to Will and Kate. It's not easy to parent little ones, let alone parent little ones in front of the entire world. The wonderful mum and dad seem to be doing just fine. Of course, we know they're as exhausted as the rest of us and probably can't see how "adorable" their son is in these dire moments. After all, they're the lucky ones who have to step in and deal with the aftermath. Not easy (or cute) when it's your kid. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy him from here! 

In honor of the little prince, here are some of his best pre-, mid-, and post-tantrum moments. We love him so!

  • Nearing the end of his rope.

    royals prince george
    Paul Marriott/Splash News

    Trooping the Colour gets old after a while. Clearly, Princess Charlotte is still in her honeymoon phase of it, but George is done. Prince William looks nearly done as well.

  • "I'm so bored."

    prince george
    Radcliffe/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

    This is exactly the kind of expression the royals will be seeing a lot of as George gets older. It's that "I'm so bored" look commonly seen on the face of teenagers at family gatherings and dinner tables.

  • Over it.

    prince george
    James Whatling/Splash News

    The little prince is about five seconds to tears in this pic. Daddy Will is doing his best to say something like, "Just a few more minutes and I promise you'll get ice cream." 

  • Defiance.

    royals prince george
    Ian Jones/Allpix/Splash News

    Okay, so maybe there isn't actual defiance happening here by George, but it's clear that while everyone else is engaged in each other, George is wishing he was home with his stuffed animals. 

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  • Irritated.

    prince george
    Retropix/Splash News

    We don't blame George for looking irritated here. Those headphones look like they are super annoying.

  • Mind elsewhere.

    prince george kate middleton
    Retropix/Splash News

    Is Prince George thinking here or is his finger about to go into his nose? Either way, we'll guess he's excited to see these planes but would really rather be playing with them instead.

  • Mid-meltdown.

    kate middleton prince george
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate is doing what every parent has done -- picking up her kid when the meltdown begins in hopes that he'll be okay once in Mom's arms.

  • Later, dad.

    prince george prince william
    Splash News

    Prince William seems to be saying "hold up, George!" as the little one starts running away from all the boring royal stuff.

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  • Getting the sillies.

    WeirPhotos/Splash News

    As mentioned, George is totally over the Trooping of the Colour. Here we see him attempting to entertain himself while the others try to retain their composure. 

  • Pained looks.

    Neil Warner/TGB/Splash News

    Everyone looks a bit pained here. It's as if George is saying "stop taking my picture!" and Will is thinking, "cool it, kid, only a few more minutes", while Kate is thankful she has Charlotte, who seems to be thinking, "Silly brother!"

  • A bit of jealousy.

    prince george royals
    Splash News

    Because this was taken during Princess Charlotte's christening, we can assume that George was feeling a bit left out, so maybe he was acting a bit wild. This photo seems to have caught the royal family in the middle of trying to help George out of his mood.

  • Sad face.

    prince george kate middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    No one likes to see kids cry, but my goodness are George's cheeks adorable. 

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  • Sassing.

    prince george royals

    While we know this isn't exactly what happening, it looks as if George is putting his hand up to his mum to say "stop!" Maybe he's just raising his hand to communicate that he wanted to get the heck away from the crowds.


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