13 Times Prince George Was About to Lose It

Michele Zipp | Jul 11, 2017 Celebrities

prince george
Tony Clark/Splash News

Prince George is just 3 years old (soon to be 4), and with those preschooler years comes even more personality shining through. George has a lot of it -- so much so that you can read his emotions by the look on his face ... and he makes a lot of facial expressions. As we browsed through images of the littlest prince, we found many moments when George was about to lose it and we had to share.

We all have our moods, of course. But there is something so adorable about Prince George even when, or especially when, he's about to have a total meltdown. (The same cannot be said for the rest of us.)

Little George has the most expressive face, and let's just say when he's so excited (or tired or bored or completely dunzo), he just can't hide it.

We have to give it to Will and Kate. It's not easy to parent little ones, let alone parent little ones in front of the entire world. The wonderful mum and dad seem to be doing just fine. Of course, we know they're as exhausted as the rest of us and probably can't see how "adorable" their son is in these dire moments. After all, they're the lucky ones who have to step in and deal with the aftermath. Not easy (or cute) when it's your kid. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy him from here! 

In honor of the little prince, here are some of his best pre-, mid-, and post-tantrum moments. We love him so!


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