Josh & Anna Duggar Are in Hot Water Over 'Dangerous' Photo of Their Kids

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The Duggars certainly are no strangers to controversy, but typically it's the older Duggars who are at the center. Not this time. Over the weekend, the Duggars posted what they thought was an innocent photo of Josh and Anna's two boys, Marcus and Michael, and all hell broke loose. The reason? Marcus was learning to ride a bike without a helmet.


"Marcus has been learning to ride his bike and sweet Michael was so happy to help! Way to go, Marcus!" someone wrote next to four photos of Marcus trying out his two-wheeler.  

duggars bike ride without helmet
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Immediately, the comments came rolling in. "Aww so cute. But where's the helmet? Not judging, I'm just a helmet freak with my kids," one fan, who was kinda judging, wrote. Another said, "Seriously?? No helmets?! Yes it's cute that big brother is helping but let's teach safety and avoid serious injuries let alone something worse! I can tell you a helmet saved my life so get those kids helmets!"

It's not surprising that followers jumped on the Duggars right away, and tbh, it's kind of understandable. Kids shouldn't be riding bikes without helmets on -- especially little kids who are just learning to ride a bike. That said, there were a few people who came to the Duggars' defense. One fan said, "Years ago ... what did we all do BEFORE the paranoid 'helicopter parents' started imposing the safety helmets, elbow/knee pads, mouthpieces, and goggles? EXACTLY what these two happy adorable little boys are doing in the pics."

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Josh and Anna have every right to raise their kids exactly how they want, but it's probably not a bad idea to invest in a few helmets and insist the boys wear them when they're out on their bikes. Helicopter parenting? Maybe to some. But what's more important than kids' safety?

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