Blac Chyna Is Reportedly Filing a Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

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Blac Chyna has gone to great lengths to protect herself from Rob Kardashian -- as she should. It was reported that she returned two cars and jewelry to her ex, and hired a lawyer who will be filing a restraining order against Rob. Rob's despicable tirade against Chyna on social media was one of the worst displays we've witnessed and we knew the story wouldn't end there.


Chyna fired back at Rob, claiming he physically abused her. And then there was a new display of photos of Chyna posted by another man on Instagram -- the intention seeming to be to make Rob even more angry. Rob ended up cutting Chyna's money supply off, by which Chyna was unfazed. Now Chyna's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, tweeted this message today:

blac chyna lawyer lisa bloom

In a previous post, Bloom commented on the fact that Rob shared nude photos of his ex online and noted that "revenge porn" is illegal. She urged women to stand up for their rights if this is something they have experienced. We could not agree more.

Bloom is a powerhouse lawyer and has worked with Mischa Barton on her revenge porn case, as well as with Kathy Griffin over the severed Trump head debacle. She will be advising Chyna on next steps, and with this new detail, Rob better keep himself in check. This is very serious and we hope Rob is getting the help he needs to work through his issues.

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If we put everything aside -- all the emotions -- what we have is someone violating another so deeply. This is not and will never be okay. This restraining order will serve to protect Chyna and to send a very clear and loud message to Rob that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. A restraining order doesn't just mean that Rob cannot physically be near Chyna, but he cannot harass or stalk her online. He could face jail time if he violates the order.

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It's unclear how this latest development pertains to Rob and Chyna's daughter, Dream, who is also a victim in this situation. We hope for peace here, and a good outcome so all parties involved can move forward in a positive way.

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