New Clues Could Signal Trouble in Paradise for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

prince harry in the rain
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There are new details surfacing that have many wondering if there are issues in the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It seems that one royal isn't too fond of Harry's girlfriend -- surprise, surprise. Plus, some question the timeline as to when Meghan and her ex broke up -- and if she was dating Harry before her relationship with her ex ended. Scandal?


There is a lot to take in here, so let's start with the gossip that Camilla Parker Bowles doesn't approve of Meghan and Harry. Now, back when Camilla got together with Prince Charles there weren't many who approved of that union, so maybe this is Harry's stepmum's way of returning the favor. How well has she really gotten to know Meghan? If this is even sort of true, maybe Camilla just needs some more time to have a spot of tea with her and learn about all her hopes and dreams. If Harry loves her, she's got to love her, too, right?

The more hurtful rumors have to do with the report that Meghan wasn't exactly single when she started dating Harry. The story goes that Meghan was dating Cory Vitiello, a celebrity chef, shortly before she met and fell for Harry. But it seems that if we believe what some sources tell the Telegraph, Meghan was still in a relationship with Cory when she met Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto last May.  

To which we say ... So?

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Maybe Meghan was still with Cory. Maybe things weren't exactly fantastic between the two of them. Maybe she met Harry and felt an incredible spark and it made her rethink her relationship with Cory. Maybe Cory ended their relationship. No matter what really happened, it doesn't matter. The fact is that relationships end for a myriad of reasons. If there was so-called overlap, we don't care. And does it really matter? Interestingly, when a source close to Cory was asked about the situation, his response to the Telegraph was: "I can't comment on that." This led some to think that meant Cory was wronged in some way.

But let's face it -- if Meghan didn't love him anymore and she ended their relationship, he wasn't wronged. No one should be with someone who doesn't love them anymore. It seems that all worked out as it should.

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With all these maybes, there is one definite. Meghan will be in the new Suits season, which returns to TV on July 12, with a potentially whole new audience considering people want to know all about Harry's love ... and the woman who may be his future wife. However, this makes us wonder about any conflict with Meghan being an actress and also possibly a princess someday. We had heard she was going to step away from acting. Maybe she has contractual duties to fulfill and that is still a possibility. 

Let's also take a moment to remember all the incredulous rumors whirling about back when Kate Middleton and Prince William were dating. There were many ... and it's clear their relationship is solid -- then and now. We aren't on Team Camilla (if that's even true) and we really like Meghan and Harry together so here's hoping everything is just fine. 

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