Rob Kardashian Completely Cuts Off Support for Blac Chyna

rob kardashian blac chyna
London Entertainment/Splash News

The fallout from Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's very public issues continues. The latest bit of information involves money and who will get custody and support of Rob and Chyna's 8-month-old baby, Dream. This aspect is one of the most important, and one where the former couple needs to put their problems aside to work out what's best for their child. 


TMZ reports that Rob has cut off all money to Chyna, and that also means he won't be paying for her rental house in Tarzana. It was reported that Chyna had already returned the two cars and jewelry that Rob had bought her -- and that Chyna isn't interested in Rob's money anyway. She has her own.

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When it comes to supporting their child, however, this is where things are questionable. Sources report that Chyna isn't demanding child support from Rob, mostly because going to court could bring up other issues and there is fear that a judge wouldn't rule in anyone's favor. But it's not clear if Chyna even wants full custody of Dream. Her older child, King Cairo, is said to be with his dad, Tyga, most of the time. Rob has made it clear that he wants custody of their daughter.

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There is just too much pain and anger between Chyna and Rob right now that they need a good mediator to help them work this part out. We hope that only the most well-intentioned people are involved. And that Dream's needs are put first.

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