New Photos of Blac Chyna in Bed With a Man Raise So Many Questions

blac chyna
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Blac Chyna reportedly hired a lawyer after Rob Kardashian posted revenge porn photos, plus she went on to report that her ex also physically abused her. And now another man is posting pics of Chyna on  Instagram, and we're wondering what's going on here. 


A man with the Instagram name ferraritru3 posted these images of Chyna today.

blac chyna

This image featured the text: "That 250k In Jewelry Ain't mean Sh-t to RARRI 100 Rep Yo set Lesson Learned Daniel Son."

Is this in response to Rob saying how he spent thousands in jewelry for Chyna?

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blac chyna

And this one: "SMILE @blacchyna."

We are not sure what is going on. Did Chyna know these photos would be posted? Are they part of her own style of revenge aimed at Rob? Is this her way of feeling she is gaining some of her power back? Did this man post pics of her without her consent? So many questions. 

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What we know for certain is that Rob and Chyna have a very toxic relationship, and they have a child together. So we hope for that child's sake that they can figure out the best way to move forward in a healthy way. We also know that Rob truly violated Chyna by posting nude photos of her, along with his awful display of anger. There is a lot of pain and problems happening here, and we hope that Rob gets the help he needs because what he did is extremely awful and a crime. And we also hope that Chyna isn't further being violated by this man who is sharing these photos of her. 

All we can really feel right now is sad and concerned about everyone's well being.

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