People Are Photoshopping Celebrities Over Their Crappy Prom Dates & It Is Hysterical

ryan reynolds photoshop prom date

Prom night is to the high school experience as what New Year's Eve is to the rest of one's life -- overhyped and largely disappointing. And yet we hoped and prayed the evening would be a romantic and magical adventure à la Pretty in Pink. But unless you were one of the lucky few who had a kick-ass date, that probably wasn't the case. This is why we're finding the latest social media trend of photoshopping celebs over one's lame prom date absolutely hilarious. 

It started with Twitter user @gabidunn99, who photoshopped herself adorably with Ryan Reynolds after she and her date broke up a few days following prom. The actor thought the teen's tweet was hilarious and even suggested she photoshop him over her ex's yearbook photo next. It totally inspired others to share their ideal prom replacements, and the photo altering that took place after was truly amazing ...